Mercedes-Benz w223 S500 B6/B7 Armored Car Rental, Kyiv, UKRAINE

Armor according to the level of protection B6/B7 according to the European standard DIN/EN 1063/1522/1523:

  • Armored interior
  • Armored roof
  • Armored doors and doorways
  • Armored doors and doorways
  • Armored front (engine compartment) and rear (trunk) partitions
  • Armored racks A/B/C
  • Explosion-proof fuel tank
  • Ballistic laminated glass with an internal polycarbonate coating for protection against debris.


  • Enhanced adaptive air suspension
  • Stepless electronic adjustment of shock absorber stiffness.
  • Enhanced braking system
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Anti-skid system
  • Exchange rate stabilization system
  • Original armored Michelin Pax System wheels (7 spokes) with safety wheel inserts and tire pressure sensors

Special equipment

  • engine compartment fire extinguishing system
  • Assault Alarm System (GAS)
  • two-way intercom (salon/street)
  • Windshield heating
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Sound alarm system
  • Emergency fresh air supply system
  • Emergency trunk lid opening
  • Additional battery for emergency start
  • Deactivation of the emergency door opening system

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