Toyota Land Cruiser 200 B6/B7 Armored Car Rental, Kyiv, UKRAINE

  • Protection class (B6/B7)
  • The color is black
  • Engine type V8 Gasoline
  • The volume of the engine is 4600 cm3
  • Engine power 309 hp.

Defense against weapons:

  • SVD rifle 7.62-mm cartridge 57-N-231 with PS bullet Steel non-heat-strengthened
  • AKM machine gun 7.62-mm cartridge 57-N-231 with PS bullet Steel heat-strengthened
  • F-1, RGD-5 hand grenade explosion

Hidden capsule reservation of the car 5th class of protection GOST R 50963-96 (B6/B7) according to the European standard EN DIN 1063.

  • Armored structure built into the car body
  • Bulletproof glass: doors, front and rear (thickness 39 mm)
  • Armor protection of the car around the perimeter of the interior (with a partition behind the second row of seats)
  • Armored splinter protection of the floor and roof
  • Bullet-resistant glass with internal anti-glare coating
  • Armor protection of all car racks with an overlap (bullet arresters)
  • Armor protection of the underhood space around the perimeter


  • Reinforced front + rear springs
  • Reinforced front + rear shock absorbers

Braking system

  • Reinforced front brake system (6-piston forged calipers,
    ventilated brake discs of increased heat transfer,
    brake pads with increased heat resistance and an increased coefficient of friction)
  • Reinforced brake hoses

Special equipment

  • Safety wheel inserts that allow you to continue driving in the event of a puncture or puncture
  • Fire protection system in the engine compartment
  • Electric windows in the front doors
  • Electric heating of the windshield
  • Reinforced stops of the side doors
  • Reinforced side door hinges
  • Energy independent evacuation exit

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